Martin Zender Interview

Martin ZenderThis week I interviewed Martin Zender, known by many as ‘the worlds most outspoken Bible scholar’. Martin is the man behind the video clips ‘the crack’o’dawn report’ that shares, often in a very funny way, some really deep and challenging questions about what we believe, and why we believe them.

Martin is a radical kind of guy. He is definitely out of the box. I like the fact he is causing his listeners to think about things in a different way then they have traditionally be told to believe.

I also asked Martin about his views on the somewhat controversial topic of heaven and hell, as this seems to be a very big question within the global Christian community at the moment. I thought it would be a good idea to ask Martin about his views, as he is known for his standpoint of the ultimate salvation of all mankind, as well as why and how he came to believe so.

I hope you enjoy the interview. You can also learn more about Martin at his website:

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