Thanks for taking the time to look at my new website. If you’re seeing this post then you probably found us in the early days of our new adventure.

Our mission for is going to be a resource for those of us who are going though transitions in our lives and are searching for a way to make peace with the problems that are before us.

Most people’s search for grace usually stems from some internal or external stress that we currently face. We all deal with those stresses differently, there is no one solution that will work for everybody. That’s not to say that we can’t learn from others that have been though tough times themselves. As we learn from one another we have the opportunity to learn what works for us. The key is to find healthy ways of dealing with our problems. To many solutions that people turn to keep us from finding our search for grace.

This is the first post of many that you will find here that detail my own “Search For Grace”. I want to leave you with this inspiration video that I recently found on YouTube from bestselling author Noah Elkrief. For those of you who are feeling overwhelmed at this moment, I think you’ll find this video immediately calming. No doubt you’ll have questions as well, if that’s the case I suggest you look at more of Noah Elkrief’s videos and blog. Take a look at “The 5 Steps” in particular, I personally found these steps very useful and simple to follow.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this. I hope you visit our site again and learn more about our journey to inner peace.