Right Believing

May 18, 2012 — 3 Comments

Right Believing

Comic created by Mick Mooney Visit Mick's writing website at: www.mickmooney.com

3 responses to Right Believing

  1. We look forward to seeing them!

  2. BTDTHTTS. (been there done that have the t shirt) I’m sad this is the last cartoon, but I should be glad since I have sat on my bum reading for a couple of hours.

    It is sad; all the time and money and energy that go into all the perfect church services every few blocks in America. I know that my family could have used that time and I regret all that I gave the institutional church, but then, because God uses all for the good, I don’t regret. It has made me be stronger in seeing the truth and having the courage to announce that the emperor has no clothes! (the institutional church- holding to a form of godliness…)
    Thanks for you cartoons. Make a book of them! I’ll buy several!

    • Eileen, I’ve actually made hundreds of these cartoons, and I’ll be bringing them all out plus more in comic book form over the course of the next year, so stay tuned….

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